Sunglasses and Golf: A View To A Better Round

From adjustable drivers to radar-infused balls, no other sport employs such high-tech gear as golf. In the never-ending quest for the perfect shot, golfers will try anything to improve their game.

One bit of kit showing up in more golf bags these days are premium sunglasses. With advanced lens technology and ultralight frame materials, today’s high-tech shades are no longer just a fashion statement on the course. They can be an invaluable tool for any golfer.

Premium sunglass manufacturer Maui Jim® offers their patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology on every pair of sunglasses they make. Unlike older-generation polarization, which could limit some golfers’ ability to properly read a green, PolarizedPlus2 eliminates 99.9% of annoying glare.

And unlike many supposedly golf-specific sunglasses, Maui Jim lenses enhance natural light, instead of simply dimming or filtering out light frequencies. This helps to enhance darker shades of green, for example, which could lead to more accurate reads (and sinking more putts).

Clarity is also key for any golfer. One factor considered in optical clarity is a lens’ ABBE value, a number which measures the amount of chromatic aberration seen through the lens. The higher the ABBE value, the higher the transparency of the lens. Glass lenses typically have ABBE values in the high 50’s. Traditional polycarbonate lenses offer an ABBE value of 30. Maui Jim’s most advanced non-glass lens material, MauiBrilliant®, offers an ABBE value of 56, yet with only one-third the weight of standard glass.

What does this all mean for golfers? No distortion. No depth-perception issues. Only a dramatically improved view of every fairway and green.

Even better, by eliminating glare, Maui Jim sunglasses reduce squinting and eyestrain, allowing golfers to maintain focus late into the round. And with lightweight, durable frame materials like beta-titanium, Maui Jim sunglasses provide unmatched comfort for longer wear time.

Finally, with skin cancer a concern for anyone who participates in outdoor activities, all Maui Jim sunglasses offer full UVA and UVB protection, shielding your eyes from the sun’s harmful effects. After all, the most important tool in any golfer’s arsenal is also the most irreplaceable: their eyesight.

So for anyone looking for an edge on the course, consider adding a pair of Maui Jims to your bag. The color, clarity and detail they provide could show the way to a better round of golf.

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