Cataract Contact Lenses

Aphakia Defined

Aphakia is a condition where the eye no longer has a lens to focus light on the retina. There are congenital conditions where from birth the lens in the eye does not exist, but more commonly Aphakia is a result of a cataract operation where the patient was unable to receive an intraocular lens implant surgically. Aphakia can be similar to “High Hyperopia” in contact lens fittings.

Causes Of Aphakia

The lens in the eye can be missing from congenital birth defect or has been removed surgically or from injury.

Correction Of Aphakia With Contact Lenses

The preferred method of correction of Aphakia is contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. Many different contact lenses are available including disposable contact lenses which are now available as high as +20.00 diopter. Contact lenses can restore vision with complete peripheral vision and little minification error. Magnification error is when looking through a high plus prescription all images are increased in size. This is especially difficult when only one eye is Aphakic. Wearing eyeglasses would cause the Aphakic eye to have a much larger magnified image compared to the normal eye. Contact lenses of the same correction will allow images to have less magnification error.

Frames And Eyeglass Lenses

We stock a complete set of frames in many styles specifically designed for Aphakic corrections. We routinely build glasses between +10.00 and +20.00 diopter. Although not as comfortable as contact lenses for sight, these high power lenses can still be relatively easy to wear. Our lenses have special aspheric curves blended into the prescription to reduce room warp.

Cathy Beaulieu is a Registered Optician, Certified Contact Lens Fitter & Certified Refracting Optician with over 30 years of experience in the eye care industry. Cathy specializes in difficult Contact Lens fittings, Bifocals, Astigmatism and Myopia patients.

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